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MATTIA - Leather College

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For more than 100 years, Martegani has evolved to interpret new needs and stand out for the care of the leather, the extreme attention to quality, the historical artisan experience and the courage of experimentation.

French calf leather and high quality leather sole.

To avoid wasting raw materials we have decided to produce a small stock of each item, once the stock is exhausted we will produce the footwear to order in 15 days.

On request we also offer color customization, you will have to write the color and the leather in the notes and we will reply as soon as possible.

A shoe that never goes out of fashion the 'college', here in a leather version but also available in suede. Perfect for spring and summer but equally wearable throughout the year so you never have to give up maximum comfort even in the office. The special processing of the sole gives the shoe exceptional flexibility while maintaining the usual stability and resistance that leather soles give. The carefully finished upper is of brushed leather. The result is therefore an indispensable 'must-have' for lovers of classic shoes.


Typology of Shoe Patterns Loafer
Upper leather
French calf

Calf lining



Work construction


Made to misure

For decades now Martegani1891 has been one of the few Italian footwear companies specialized in CUSTOM MADE and CUSTOM MADE SERVICE. If you have particular needs that do not allow you to find the most suitable footwear for your foot in the usual channels, do not hesitate to contact us: you can do it in advance by mail or telephone or by reporting at the same time as your order what changes you would need for yours. fit. You will receive prompt feedback from our team who will show you the best solution.

Specifically, we are able to adapt the fit to feet that have more or less high collars, wide soles, protruding big toes or malleolus, or more simply to provide any model of our shoes to those who have a particularly small or particularly large size.

The CUSTOM MADE service, on the other hand, is designed for every customer who wishes to receive a completely exclusive service for the creation of models not present in our online store and / or customized. If you wish, you can have direct and careful contact with one of our specialized staff, who will try to satisfy all your wishes in terms of shoes. It is a tailoring service, ideal for customers who want to wear unique shoes, completely akin to their taste or, why not, show off their creative flair.

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